Special thanks to Raya Brass Band, Amir Khosrowpour, David Broome, Danny Townsend for the music in the videos.  A big thanks to the inscrutable eye of production designer, Genevieve Leloup. She made the amazing logo. 
Also to Esther Blanchard, Renata Melillo, Adina Valerio, David Woon, Laura Been, Dave Buchwald, Abby Bender and Andy Dickerson of Triskelion Arts for feedback and opportunities. Also, obviously to all THE DANCERS. Listed below and tagged on FB and Instagram. Check them all out live.  

Special Thanks to Dance Films Association, Chromatic Dance, Dance to the People and The Fleet for support in producing the live event.

Jack Toolin, Morgan Shortell
Carmen Lagada, Khalid Rahmaan, Maria Heinegg, Anna Copa Cabanna, Chris Rozzi, Tyler Britt, Jo Firestone, Isaac Oliver, and Penelope McCourty, Ambrose Martos, Chris Manley, Shaina Feinberg, Kelindah Schuster,  
Deborah Lohse, Donnell Oakely, Cori Olinghouse, Mark Gindick, Maria Duarte, Michelle Appleabaum, Claire Zhang, Peter D'Orseano, Josh Marrero, Olney Edmonson, Asha John, Amy Larimer & Jamie Graham (Raving Jaynes), David Handsman, April Schuppel, Karesia Batan, Adam Guazza, Shaina Feinberg, Chris Manley, Jacob Goodhart, Rebekah Edie, Emma Rumberg, Leigh Schanfein, Ellie Kusner, Donna Costello, Kelly Bartnik, Lindsey Mandolini, Alex Speedie, Emily Craver, Emily Pacillio, Jonathan Lippencott, Juiliette Nieves, Patrick Ferreri, Ellen Maynard, Jeremy William, WT McRae, Becca Bernard, Mia Crivello, Butch Merigoni, Breckyn Drescher, Hannah Garner, Anabella Lenzu, Lauren Ohmer, Dare Harlow & Quincie Hydock (Q&A Productions), Maryann Peterson & Carolyn Barry (Roschman Dance), Svea Schneider, Shannon O'Brien, Rachel Slaughter, Isabel Antoniani, Andy Jacobs, Kristina Harris, Megan Bascom, Thomas Ciccone, Alexa Andreas, Eva Jaunzemis, and more to come...