Dancify That!

Watch Video. Make Dance. Go for Gold.

The guilty pleasure of bizarre internet videos just got more pleasurable. Imagine those videos edited down to the most punchy kernel of comedy and surprise possible. We take that video, project it on the wall and then give our contestants 3 minutes to make dance inspired by the video. Then they share it with you and a panel of comedic judges (none of whom know much about dance.) Highest winners go on. 

Come see what happens if you take the most bizarre moments of recorded life and make dance with them
With comedy, costumes, aerobics, and dance trivia, "Dancify That!" will entertain your chassez off.
Serious Dance. Serious Comedy. Seriously get a ticket early:
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In addition to the live show we also make videos. An entertaining and intimate look at people making things together. 

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Bring Dancify That! to your Studio/Town/Venue 
There is no better way to bring your dance community together than through a lively entertaining, fun filled event. Dance training is rigorous, but it's important that we keep the fun. 
The event can be done in a regular studio, black box theater, or even bar if the stage is at least 10' x 16'. 
Inquiries to dancemovedaily@gmail.com