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photography by Morgan Shortell and Jack Toolin

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What people are saying about "Dancify That!" Live:

Dancify That! creates a collaborative and hilarious game-show environment that de-mystifies the choreographic process. Both live and online the project is perfectly entertaining for devotees, dilettantes, and denizens outside of the dance world.
Dance Films Association
It's a unique and fun way for artists to play for the sheer joy of it, to entertain and use their skills without the pressures of a formal performance. It brings together communities of art makers that might not otherwise share a stage or  audience. Important stuff.
Abby Bender, Artistic Director, Triskelion Arts
... is developing a new form of entertainment that brings new audiences to understand the art of dance making.
Maira Duarte, Dance to the People
... great entertainment. The contestants, the judges, the costumes, the aerobics guy... what a night. How is this not a TV show?
Jeremy Hawthorne, freelance app developer
My co-workers were talking about the show all week.
Esther Blanchard, Nurse
One of the most stunningly creative and entertaining shows I've ever seen. You need to come see this thing.
Morgan Shortell, photographer


"Dance Translations"
A collaboration with Dance to the People's Maira Duarte. Watch video. Make dance. In the studio with dancers. Concept of Dancify That in the studio. More to come...

Les Ballets Trocadero de Monte Carlo
Serious Comedy Serious Dance


Dancify That! ... the studio version. 

Suggest a Video! 
We're always looking for new videos to show our dancers. Videos that have movement and surprise work best. Pass video url to dancemovedaily@gmail.com.

What the Heck is Modern Dance?
Everyone dances, but not everyone
modern (or contemporary) dances...
What are they doing and... why?



Never stop dancing!